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Boardtrac Pricing – Is It Worth It?

Work from anywhere with Boardtrac: organize conference calls and chat with colleagues using board portal software for the best price.

The Business Value of Meeting Management Tools and Board Portal Software

The business value of the boardroom software is focused on future income and expenses determined by changes in the market value of assets and management efficiency. Considering the above, the boardtrac pricing to assess the business of the management company is not applicable, since it does not take into account future cash flows. It is also not advisable to use a comparative approach to assessing the management company, since it is rather difficult to find analogs among management companies. Data on foreign direct investment funds are systematized in databases.

The market value of the fund’s assets and the dynamics of its change are the main result of the Boardtrac software, which determines both its investment attractiveness and the possibility of attracting foreign investors. As a result of the analysis of the theoretical foundations and practice of the activities of private equity funds, methodological recommendations were formulated that determined the algorithm for assessing the value of the assets of a private equity fund. Assets (shares of portfolio companies) managed by a private equity fund are the object of assessment within the framework of methodological recommendations.

Although a number of researchers believe that we live in a rational world, this is far from the truth. Emotions drive our behavior, and they also drive the whole world. People are not interested in the characteristics of a product. They are interested in knowing if a product fits their personality. The ball is ruled by the value of the product for the buyer. Therefore, the opinion is increasingly being formed that emotional marketing is more effective than rational marketing. Taking possession of the mind is good, but taking possession of the heart is much better. Success requires the use of Boardtrac software that forces the prospect to make decisions on an emotional level and eliminate rational considerations that can sidetrack a person.

The Main Advantages of Boardtrac Meeting Management Tools and Its Pricing

Boardtrac is a convenient board platform for training, marketing, and meetings. The service allows you to chat, share files, arrange small meetings and large conferences. Inside the service, you can create landing pages and study analytics through online sessions. A board program for online conferences, communication, and work. It includes all the main methods of communication: text correspondence, file exchange, sending voice messages, video chat.

We have worked with numerous meeting management tools that choose a product for their quality without the high price tag. Price: $ 20/month/user, but if you want unlimited conference calling, you’ll need a professional plan that starts at $ 25/user/month. The main advantages of Boardtrac software:

  • broadcasts of all meeting participants are displayed on the screen;
  • you can use the group chat to exchange files;
  • you can work from different devices, there is a convenient mobile version;
  • the ability to create rooms for collaboration;
  • everyone comes by invitation (link to an online conference), which can be sent in any convenient way: by mail or messenger has integration with online designer and CRM systems;
  • local recording and cloud recording available for paid users.

The results of the analysis are focused on the use by the management of private equity funds, as well as by potential and current investors, other participants in the investment process (owners of portfolio companies, government agencies).